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Webmaster’s Monthly Choice

This month we picked Hostgator as our #1 choice in hosting companies. Our customers also have made Hostgator their number one selection simply by the fact that they are using them much more frequently than every other web hosting provider. That is no real surprise because Hostgator has separated itself in the field of hosting companies due to its wide selection of solutions for individuals and small to medium-sized companies. We have discovered that they continually provide a higher level of customer support. Do not simply take our own word for this. To find out exactly why we and so many others have picked Hostgator as our #1 web hosting service, Visit Hostgator

Top Web Hosting Chart is updated on

1 ix Web Hosting $3.95 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1 Free 2 Dedicated IPs; HSphere & Plesk; Unix & Windows Hosting ix Web Hosting Review
2 Yahoo Small Business Hosting $8.96* Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1 Free Unlimited E-mail Storage; Easy to Use Yahoo! Control Panel; Yahoo Small Business Hosting Review
3 StartLogic Hosting $3.95 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1 Free Vdeck; Unix/Linux & Windows; Google Webmaster Tools integrated in Control Panel; StartLogic Hosting Review
4 BlueHost Hosting $6.95 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1 Freea CPanel; Unix/Linux Hosting BlueHost Hosting Review
5 HostPapa Web Hosting $5.95 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1 Freea CPanel; Unix/Linux Hosting HostPapa Web Hosting Review
6 WebHostingPad $1.99 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1 Free CPanel Unix/Linux; Free Sitebuilder, Cpanel Control Panel WebHostingPad Review
7 HostMonster Hosting $6.95 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1 Freea CPanel; Unix/Linux Hosting; Free Search Engine Submission HostMonster Hosting Review
8 HostGator Web Hosting $7.96 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Not Free CPanel & Plesk; Unix & Windows Hosting; Reseller & Dedicated Hosting Plans Available HostGator Web Hosting Review
9 FastDomain Web Hosting $6.95 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1 Freea CPanel; Unix/Linux Hosting; Fantastico FastDomain Web Hosting Review
10 Omnis Network Web Hosting $5.95 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1 Free CPanel; Unix/Linux Hosting; Unlimited MySQL Databases Omnis Network Web Hosting Review
*  This price is for only first 3 months
  Limited time offer for new and transfer customers only
a  Free for the life of the account
b  Some conditions apply

What Is A Web Host?

Are you planning on setting up a website either for your own personal use or for your company? If so, the first thing you need to do is to engage the services of a web host. Sounds alien to you? No worries as this article will help to shed some lights on what exactly web hosting is.

In order to understand what a web host is, you can imagine a large company dealing with computer work. It has the ability to link its members to the internet for 24 hours each day, seven days a week. These computers are known as servers and each server company has a unique IP numbers, or also known as IP address. It acts as a kind of address which allows others to find them in the internet world.

When you want to create a website, you will rent space from these servers. You will have to buy a domain, and after which you will have to store the content that you want to put on the site in the server company. All the content that you want to put on your site can be in the form of HTML files, CSS files, graphic files, Javascripts, etc. You do not have to worry about how to store the files as the server company will get that done for you, as long as you have rented space from them.

Once you have decided on the web hosting company that you want to register your site at, the company will handle the storage for you. Thus, when you type in the web address into the browser, you will be able to get to your web page. The content that you have placed on your website is no longer stored in your own computer but rather, it is stored with the web hosting company. In this way, the information will be accessible to your visitors any time they want to.

It does not cost a lot of money to sign up for the services with a hosting company. In fact, you can get a very good web hosting company at less than $10 USD per month. With the strong competition, web hosting companies are constantly coming up with new packages and special bonus to attract new customers so you will be able to find a very good deal by carrying out some research on the net. See the website hosting reviews above to find the best deal.

Website Hosting Reviews

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